Saturday, March 22, 2014

UIA & Arkitek

~Assalamualaikum warramatullah wbt~

Fisheye Placebo by Yuumei

~My blog just got messy with the loss of pictures which I know what happened but I hate to give long explanation and I'm too lazy to rearrange everything. Busy and lazy life I've been during this semester so my blog was nothing but full of dust and rusty information. Sorry about that.

Yesterday, most of my 96's juniors have already taken their results, right? Whatever results you've received, say Alhamdulillah. If you have given out everything, then that's ok. Allah knows better for your future. For those who did not really push their limit, then may Allah opens your heart to change, InsyaAllah. (ayat cam perli tapi sebenarnya tak)

For you information, I'm currently studying for my degree in Kuliyyah of Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Architecture in International Islamic University Malaysia or also well-known as UIA. I've already studied for two semesters so that means I'm still a first year student (still a rookie).

To those who have taken SPM and wanted to continue their study in IIUM, you'll be continuing your foundation in Centre for Foundation Studies in IIUM in Petaling Jaya. I heard there will be a new branch in Gambang, Pahang so I'm not so sure where you guys will be studying at in the future. I couldn't explain much about other courses, I'm sorry.

During the Taaruf Week (other universities called it, Orientation Week), you'll be taking 4 tests. Don't worry. If you failed, you wouldn't be kicked out from IIUM. No worries on that. They just want to see what level are you so that it would be easier to teach you in class. Imagine yourself taking a higher level for Arabic class but you know nothing about it. Of course, it will be difficult for you to catch up right? It also determine the duration you're taking for your foundation. People are too concern about this. Guess what? Tak guna ambil satu tahun program pun kalau kau duduk repeat english banyak kali sampai akhirnya, kau terpaksa duduk situ sampai dua tahun. 

Back to the four tests. There will be English, Arabic, Tilawah and Fardhu Ain tests. For English, there will be two sections, objectives and essays. Arabic..... I can't remember because I didn't answer any of them. Seriously. I just wrote my name and matric number and left the class. So here I am, in Gombak. Tilawah, for me, I just have to read some verses in the Qur'an. The ustaz/ustazah will not ask any question. Fardhu ain, only objective questions and Insya-Allah, it's very easy. 

After a week, the results will come out and that will determine your duration in CFSIIUM. I got 2-year-programme but I'm very happy. Husnudzon in anything you get.

I'm sorry that I couldn't explain much about other courses since I took Architecture and Environmental Design (AED). This is the only course I could explain in detail. In CFSIIUM, you'll be studying a very basic knowledge about architecture.

97% of students who choose this course in the first place want to take architecture but actually, there will be 5courses in the kuliyyah itself in Gombak. In Gombak, we called it KAED and there will be 5courses which is Architecture, Applied Art Design (which will separate 3 more, Interior Designer, Industrial Designer and Conservation), Landscape Designer, Quantity Surveying & Urban and Regional Planning. Usually, Gombak will only choose 80students to take architecture. But sometimes more.

University subjects is the subjects that all of the students in CFSIIUM will be taking. Kira wajib lar kena ambil. There are English, Arabic, Study Circle/Tilawah/Fardhu Ain, Undestanding Islam/Religious in Malaysia, Basic Theme Al Quran and Computer.

Subjects that we'll be studying for taking this course are Graphic Communication I and II, Environmental Design (GCI, GCII, ED), Mathematic, Statistic, Economic, Built Environment. These are the core subjects. GCI, GCII and ED are the studio no exam!!! Yeay! But there will be portfolio and presentations and lots and lots of cuttings and drawings. If you think life in CFSIIUM is very hard, think again. Degree life is harder. O.o

GCI and GCII are more on drawing, sketching and colouring. As for ED, there'll be a lot of modelling and presentation boards. If you think that you're not good in sketching or have high imagination, it's ok. I'm not talented too (and still am). The only thing we need in this course is 'RAJIN'. Tak rajin, tak jalan lar kerja, dik oi.

Some people said, we are the ZOMBIES. Guess what? They are right.......bukan budak arkitek lar kalau tak buat kerja last minute. There are certain people, are just lazy. And there are certain people are just slow even they have started early. As for me, I am both. I am lazy and slow. But if you really are a hardworking person, InsyaAllah, you'll have enough sleep.

Architecture isn't about just studying, drawing and imagination. It's not about how talented you are. If you think you don't have mental strength, then please rethink to choose this course. There are times you feel down because your drawings got rejected but your friends' got accepted. There are times, lecturers become so mean that you gonna cry all night. There are times, you tried your best, but you still blank and have no idea. There are times, you're fighting with yourself and you're starting to lose. Because this is what you're going to face in the real world when clients and your own boss will be meaner than your lecturer.

I have so many friends that are so talented and of course, more than myself. However, they took other course in KAED. Not saying that other courses are not good. No. To me, they are more qualified to take architecture than I am. I'm not saying I could withstand the challenge. I cried like a normal person.

Moreover, gonna have to warn you this. To take this course, requires a lot of money. Equipments are not cheap and you have to use it everytime. So please, when you get your elauns (for foundation, you'll be receiving elauns), please use it wisely.

This is just for your own information. For foundation, you'll be taking foundation for one or two years. No one in a half years. For degree, if you're taking Bachelor of Science of Architecture (PART 1), it will took you 3years. If you want to continue to PART 2, Bachelor of Architecture, you have to add 2 more years. That took you 5 years to graduate as an officially degree student. However, for Applied Art Design, Landscape, Quantity Surveying, Urban Planning, it will took you 4years.

If you're taking foundation but do not want to continue your degree, your certificate isn't valid to work as an architect. Different from diploma, after 3years, you can work. I'm not so sure if I have the correct understanding. Correct me if I'm wrong. Taking part 1 for degree is actually the same as diploma. However, if you've already taken diploma, you have to take part 1 (which the same level as diploma), not skipping directly to part 2. So if you took diploma and want to continue your degree until part 2, the total is 8 years. Rather than taking foundation first until part 2, the total is only 6 or 7years. 

If you heard rumors like, "Kena pakai tudung labuh and jubah ke kalau nak masuk uia?" that is so totally wrong. You just have to cover your aurah. In CFSIIUM, to class you have to wear baju kurung/jubah, tudung and black shoes. In IIUM Gombak, you'll be more free but still, you have to cover your aurah. Why is that so? It's not the IIUM's law. It came from the Qur'an. Just saying. So, if you see me wearing Jubah with long scarf and sneakers, that's because I want to. Sometimes I wore tshirt ala korea (dia macam tshirt muslimah tapi cantik lagi), jeans and sneakers. Of course, with my scarf to class.

However, the best part about AED is the ukhuwah. Since you spent too much in your studio with your studiomates and lecturers, you're going to be close with them. Of course you have to imagine your own design, but this course is about helping and commenting each other. That's how you improve in designing. (Aku cakap memang pandai tapi tak buat pun). Owh. Jangan pelik kalau ada pasangan AED dengan AED.

I'm not really so sure what more to say actually. I do notice that some people ask about IIUM and AED in the comment from my previous entry. I did answer them but I'm not so sure if the questioners read them. So, please, if you have any question, you can just email me at  . Bajet retis habis. Good luck juniors! Wassalam~


Anonymous said...

salam akak, saya dapat AED dan akan masuk bulan 6 nanti insyaAllah. saya nak tanya saya berlatar belakang kan sekolah agama dan takde belajar pasal asas lukisan. imaginasi saya pun taraf biasa2 saja adakah itu akan jadi satu masalah ? trutama bab melukis. huhu

Rai .Mohamad said...

hai there :) i dont think that gonna be a major prob there. and yeah, mmg tujuan dtg pusat asasi sebab nak belajar kan ? dah namanya asasi, so in there, definitely they'll (lecturers seniors friends) teach you what you need to know about your choice of course. kalau imaginasi biasa tu dik, commonlah sebab i dont think previous seniors yg grad from cfsiium ade imaginasi tggi tahap petala kelapan kan hihi. sorry.

and sya tekankan sekali lg, they gonna teach you EVERYTHING. sorry capslock. bab melukis tu no hal, sebab by the end of final sem, i think all of the aed students akan terer gila and terlebih mantop bab melukis.

sorry kalau ade yg terkurang or terlebih. sorry kalau takmenjawab soalan. Goodluck ye sis :)

Anonymous said...

thank you very much akak. sangat membantu. sorry menyusahakan akak. :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum kak.. nak tahu la aed students belajar apa ye untuk first sem?

arina said...

Assalamualaikum hai,saya one of the student uia. But saya tgh amik foundation in physc ,nak tanya, is it okay for me utk amik science in architecture for my degree ? :) ,harap dapat membantu .