Saturday, October 20, 2012

Respect People, Dear People!

~Assalamualaikum wbt~

~Wow.. It has been a while since I updated something. I blame myself for having no idea and being too lazy to type anything. Futhermore, I was TOO focus on my final project. If you can see the picture, my blue-Kapok guitar is my friend to entertain me. Oh my dear, guitar. I really miss you right now~ (emotional much?)

This week I'm having my final exam. I only have three subjects but it's quite hard since the subjects are based on reading. And honestly, I'm the worst when it comes to reading! But Alhamdulillah, I managed to do it. So,  there's one more paper left which I haven't started studying it yet!

So, I wanted to update this since last month but there's too much things to do. I think most of you are getting tired of this topic but I wanna elaborate more on what I've been thinking for a while. You heard about the 'Innocence of Muslim"? Of course, most of you do. It was a hot topic.

Muslim people were in rage! I just knew by reading their statement in Facebook. Wow.. I just love the words. It's meaningful, guys! Go on! Keep on swearing! Show what we Muslim can really do. Show our greatest love towards Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that you're willing to fight anyone who goes against him. (Please understand the sarcatism)

It's good that you're angry towards the people who spread bad things about him to the world. Of course, Rasulullah saw is being oppressed. You willing to fight against them until you wanted to join the demo. That's really good. (no sarcatism)

But what I'm really disappointed of is when you used wrong words to describe your feelings and WORST, you blamed the wrong person of this PHENOMENON! Get it? Yes? No? =='

Do you know the word, 'TERRORIST'? Did you know that the word was actually appear after the accident of 9/11? And did you know what happened during 9/11? On 11 September 2001, two planes crashed the WORLD TRADE CENTRE (WTC). And the Muslims were accused for this accident. Therefore, we were called TERRORIST! Some of us are mentally abused! (Watch 'My Name is Khan' if you want to know what I'm blabering about)

So, what do you feel when you're being labelled as terrorist? Like seriously! Imagine! What do you feel? I mean, you're not even in US when that accident happened. Right? Ok.. If you do, are you the one who made that accident? No, right?

Thus, (I'm using thus??) why are you accusing the Christians, or the Jews or the Americans for the phenomenon of Innocence of Muslims? "Orang Amerika ni _____." "Orang Kristian memang _____." "_____ lar kau YAHUDI _____" Why? Why?

Of course, they have different opinions about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). But not all of them are against him. The one who made the video are not the Christians, nor the Jews, nor the Americans. It's the people who made the video themselves.

We hate them who condemned our religion, Islam. We hate the people who don't respect us. But why are we doing the same thing? They share the same feeling. We hate being labelled. They also felt the same. I agree with Aiman Azlan's statement . 

You want them to see that Islam is a true religion. You want them to know that Islam is sacred religion. You always said that, "Please don't blame the Islam, blame the Muslim." Same goes with other religion. Blame the people, themselves for committing the mistakes. Not the religion.

It's not that I ignored what was happening. I was pretty upset to see my beloved, Prophet Muhammad (saw) is being condemned. But I don't go tell my facebook friends that I hate it but in reality, I didn't do anything. Because when there are certain people showed too much of their feelings, it gets too deep and can hurt other people. That's bad! That's not the Islamic way.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had been condemned for more than 1400 years. During his time, he did not hate anyone. Even when the people accused him, he will made a du'a and asked Allah to forgive them. (I was touched. I seriously almost cried) When the people repented and asked for his forgiveness, what did he do? He forgave them easily. Before he died, the last word he said, "UMATKU.. ( in english : my people ).

He would feel upset if he knows we're fighting though we're actually trying to fight for him. He wants all of us to go to Jannah (heaven) with him. He doesn't want any of his people to go to Hell. I can imagine him crying to see us breaking apart. (Oh prophet Muhammad. Thank God you're a man. If you're not, I'll be beside you to erase your sadness.)

So, what I'm trying to say is respect others, oh dear people. Show what true Islam is. Your attitude would change others' perspective about our religion. Yeah.. I'm blabering too much. I don't know if Allah likes your words. I don't even know if Allah likes what I'm typing. But let's do it for the sake of Him and our religion ok? Control your anger. Control youselves. Astaudi'ukumullah. Wassalam~